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His White Knight - Prince!EnglandxOutlaw!Reader Pr
*Read description below first*
The October moon hung over the kingdom of Britannia like a lone spectator over the events that unfolded in the capitol below. For most of its citizens, it had been an ordinary day, working, socializing, and once again being taxed heavily for no other reason than that they were told to. This had been going on for three months now, and despite wanting answers, no one ever got any. But everyone did know that the king had a formidable army, and for most, that was reason enough to do what they were told, even if they did so reluctantly. No one dared to say or do otherwise.
Except for one group of people who, despite living in the shadows, knew much about what was going on in the light. They had long planned to do something about the king's inexplicable actions. King or no, he had no right to demand this amount of money from his subjects without telling them why. And they were going to return it to them, never mind if it was viewed as stealing.
One of th
:iconmaskedlady710:MaskedLady710 22 4
Lava :iconryky:ryky 2,555 48
~1~ Of Witches and Nobles (England x Witch!Reader)
ρяσℓσgυε - тнε cяιмε тнαт ωαs ησт cσммιтε∂
I had been surrounded, there was no escape, my time had come. I remained pressed against the corner of my small room, the cold wood pressed relentlessly against my back, pushing me closer towards my executioners. The banging against the door remained unwavering, each knock shaking me to the very core. What had I done, other than help those in need, the sick and crippled, I gave them life, life those very people want to take from me. Angry shouts sounded, demanding for me to freely give myself up to the townsfolk on the other side of the hinged entrance. The door began to crack, a deep rift running horizontally through the middle as the door bent against the weight of the continuous thunders. Silent tears began to roll down my face leaving clear trails on my face, I did not want to d
:iconmisamie:Misamie 27 30
Savior | Karma Akabane x Reader
    “I saw your latest test scores, (Y/N). They were pitiful, I doubt you even tried,” one of the A-class students said, appearing out of nowhere.
    You froze as he slammed his hands into the wall next to where your head was, leaving you trapped. He was far from looking pleased with you and you couldn’t blame him. He was right, your test scores were pitiful and no matter how hard you tried, nothing helped your grades. Not even getting assigned this A-class student as your tutor.
    “I-I’m sorry. I really tried,” you stuttered in response.
    “That’s not good enough! It’s bad enough that they assigned me to a hopeless D-class student like you, but what’s worse is that you’re not even teachable! They should just send you off to E-class now and quit wasting their time with you.
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 38 13
Flight(Bokuto x Reader)
“I’ll call you when I land. It’s a short flight only 4 hours so it shouldn’t be long before you a call.” I explained to the friend who, so graciously, dropped me off.
“Be safe, okay? Try not to die for me please I kinda need you.” They said raising their eyebrows and leaning their head to the left.
“Alright I gotta go don’t want TSA holding me back for an hour.” I declared with a small smile. They smiled back and reached their arms out for a hug. And after a long couple of seconds and a wave goodbye we were off on our separate ways.
I walked up to the bag check in and gave handed them my bag. Inside the gray backpack was a couple outfits, under garments, toiletries, my laptop, chargers and a book. Fully equipped and my bag checked in I walked toward the TSA guy, boarding pass in hand.
As he scans my pass I look past him and notice a guy around my age with grayish, white hair and wide set eyes. Looking almost like an owl with a
:iconrollingthunder44:Rollingthunder44 7 0
Textbook. - Iwaizumi's Hajime x Reader

Iwazumi Hajime
Warning: Sexual implications

It was bad enough as it was that you were tired from late night activities with your boyfriend.
Iwaizumi didn't go easy on you, as usual, and you were really feeling it today at school. Legs hurt, back was sore, it made you wince to walk normally, and navigating the girls locker room before P.E. to hide all the marks was a chore. If it wasn't for the fact that Iwaizumi's small knowing smirk appeared every time he saw you, you would've glared and ignored him. But like most of the things the stoic boy did, that particular smirk made your lower regions throb all over again.
It was during P.E. when it happened.
You were sitting on the floor, one leg bent in a criss-cross position and the other stretched out to the side. Chatting with your friends, you reached for your toes of your stretched out leg to lengthen your muscles. After you were satisfied, you folded in your other leg to match the on
:iconthemuggingthief:themuggingthief 41 4
Family Ties (2P!Vargas Family x Reader) Prologue
She looked at her father. Tears stung her face as she saw both her boys in his arms. She was too afraid to move. She could feel something in the pit of her stomach as he held both boys. She has learned to hate this man her entire life. So much that she hated the very idea that she resembled him. She hated her dark skin, she hated her dark hair, she hated her face. The only consolation was that she had her mother’s green eyes, long beautiful curls, and light freckles. Her father smirked at her with cold purple eyes.
“W-Why! Please give me back my sons!” she went to snatch them, only to be kicked away. She couldn’t feel the pain in her chest where he smacked her away. Her youngest, Feliciano started to cry. Lovino fought back tears, “Papa please!”
“They’re mine now, Claudia,” he said. He squeezed Feliciano’s shoulder. Feliciano took after her and his nonno, he was the splitting image of him, right down to his purple eyes, which
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 23 16
Mature content
No Such Thing // Jean Kirschtein x Reader :iconbookerror:bookerror 25 13
Mature content
| Oubliete | Eren x Reader | Prologue :iconcuriousteacup:CuriousTeaCup 9 0
Mature content
Lucci x Reader Lemon :iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 31 19
the thing about childhood friends
You know what sucks about childhood friends? It was fucking cliché, that one of the two was bound to fall for other. One day, he's just that snotty little boy you tagged along with almost every day, the next; you're in love with him.
It was inevitable, more like an accident really.
You didn't mean to fall in love with him, you just did.
But that's not the worst part.
The worst part is the other cliché of childhood friends; they don't feel the same way you do. And that sucks.
No, that's not the worst part. The worst part is having to keep your feelings a secret, lest you endanger your precious friendship for years.
For twenty long years.
Long enough that you two were at the pinnacle of your academic lives, finishing college and preparing yourselves for the real world.
Because as far as you knew, this was the part where things change, where reality comes right in and snatches the two of you.
The end was near.
. . .
You two have a shared taste for music, him pursui
:iconvampimummy:VampiMummy 23 14
Tanaka x Reader: Baby Fever?
Your toes curled and you mumbled into your pillow. ''What are you doing?''. Tanaka looked up, giving you a short smile before pressing another kiss to your lower back. ''I couldn't resist. You look like an angel wrapped up in blankets'' he said. ''You're so cheesy'' you sighed but didn't stop the grin that stretched your lips when he continued his line of kisses up your back to your neck.
Tanaka slumped over you, making you grunt. ''We were supposed to go for lunch together but you've been sleeping like a log'' he complained and twirled your hair. Quickly propping yourself on your elbows you glanced at the clock. It was almost noon. ''Um, late lunch then?'' you suggested. He 'graciously' accepted your suggestion and hopped off the bed.
You pulled his boxers and let them snap back, making him yelp. He gave you a halfhearted glare but nevertheless smiled when you poked out your tongue. 
With great struggle you managed to get up from bed and get dressed. Tanaka demonstrated his appro
:iconnemo276:Nemo276 18 2
Mature content
Spell. - Cp. ii Kuroo Tetsuro Sleeping Beauty!AU :iconthemuggingthief:themuggingthief 5 2
Spell. Cp i - Kuroo Tetsuro Sleeping Beauty!AU

Spell. - Chapter i
Kuroo Tetsurō
Sleeping Beauty!AU

You remember back in the day when you were a little farm girl, living the simple life and learning how to manage a house and crops on the farm. You also remember the fun adventures you would go on, exploring the surrounding lands (but made sure to stay off of Old Kadoovl's fields-), weaving your way around the trees in a nearby forest, all these things contributed to your now carefree and adventurous attitude and strong personality.
At 15 your little imaginary worlds began to fade as you were preoccupied with school and having more responsibilities, but that wouldn't stop you from taking calming walks along a worn path that you had carved and lined with stones when you were little in the woods. The nostalgia of seeing the old, inconsistent, crooked path brought back memories when you were younger, the smell of the dirt and damp leaves filled your nostrils with its fresh, earthy smell. T
:iconthemuggingthief:themuggingthief 9 0
Reunion (Ukai x Reader)
Moving day.
Today was the day that you have been waiting for ever since you started high school. After intense studying for your college entrance exams, you have been accepted into the school of your dreams. Your parents even helped you find an apartment nearby the university you were attending. Though everything was exciting, you couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness. Yes, you were excited for the independence you were gaining, but for some reason you couldn't bring yourself to be super excited about leaving your hometown. Even though you were going to miss your parents, you knew they were happy to see you grow up. They were probably happier than you would've liked, but they were still happy nonetheless. There was one person you cherished and you had to leave him behind. It was your best friend. Keishin Ukai.
"Alright [Name]," your father said as he put the last of your belongings into the trunk of his car. "Are you ready to go?"
"Yup!" you shouted. You plastered on a fake smile a
:iconlost-in-paradise666:lost-in-paradise666 11 2
2p!America x Reader-Soulmate AU Pt.1
2p!America x Reader-Soulmate AU Pt.1
Sitting in English class, you stared over at the couple sitting in the corner of the room. There were only a few minutes left of class so your teacher let everyone do their own thing. Back to the couple, you noticed their hearts were glowing which meant they were soulmates. With a longing sigh escaping your lips, you held your textbook tighter. Not everyone finds their soulmates in high school but when they do…they’re the luckiest people ever. They get to know each other longer and experiencing things that not everyone gets to. It was normal for someone’s heart to glow so brightly through their chest when they were around their soulmate. So far your (s/c) chest has never had a light glowing.
Hearing the bell ring, you slowly get out of the classroom and walk down the stairs. English was your last class so you now all you have to do is wait for your friend who was also your ride home. Sitting on a bench, you wait over five minutes b
:icondina-soar:Dina-soar 47 17


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