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One Night Chat (+Breakfast?) | Kise Ryouta
[Older!AU: Reader and Kise are around 23]
Apparently, the gorgeous blonde was far better talking then he had seemed to be when it came to sex. 
You had planned it to be a one night stand: throw off the clothes, dive under the covers and forget how much you missed your ex as the blonde's captivating golden eyes. It was to be passion without true passion, false emotions surrounded by a desperation that you would no longer have to fake them. There was nothing like rough sex to take the pain away- you had proved your hypothesis many times before. 
However, no clothes had been removed and you had smiled and it hadn't been a lie and it had been far more of a painkiller than sex could have ever been. 
It had started as a compliment, Ryouta (at least, that's what he had introduced himself as), had commented how your "eyes looked like stars" and, being mildly drunk, you had begun to speak about how badly you had done in your extra curricular astronomy class in middle schoo
:iconjustabrokenspirit:JustABrokenSpirit 10 2
hetja. | eren jaeger
Hetja: Hero.
{eren jäger x fem!reader}
note: this is an au/alternate universe, focused with a mixture of incarnation/bookstore/modern. also, slight vulgar language.

Heroes were always seen as individual's with great, inhuman superpowers that could prevent any catastrophe. 
But you knew for sure, because of the dreams you were constantly haunted with, that it wasn't true.
He was an unstoppable force; his sheer willpower that drove him to the truth as to why became the way he was.
His dream was to always break through those walls, to no longer be caged, and he would fight for that with his friends, his comrades, and his personal hero.
She was his greatest strength, his wild card, and the one he loved more than any other being.
When paired with each other, they were an unstoppable force that could be on par with humanities strongest soldier.
It was written in text that they were each other's strength and weakness, but they were also ea
:iconcourt-rhys:court-rhys 21 2

Oikawa x Reader
    "Takeru!" you called out.
    "_______-chan!" Oikawa Takeru happily cheered.
    "Surprise! I'm here to pick you up from volleyball today!" you smiled.
    "_______-chan!" he said as he hugged you.
    "Hey, what's gotten into you all of the sudden?" you asked the usually stoic Takeru.
    "I had a long day." he said.
    "Was practice tough?" you asked him while grabbing his bag from him.
    "Tch." he said as he looked over to someone.
    You followed his gaze to see the prettiest human being you've ever seen in your entire life. He looked like he was older than you, maybe in university. He was really tall, had flowing locks, and had a stupidly pretty face.
    "Who's that?" you asked Takeru.
    "My stupid coach." he retorted.
    "Hey! Takeru! You shouldn't talk about your coach that way." you scolded.
:iconshaynalanibaker:shaynalanibaker 29 4
Unlawful (Eren X Reader) AU
~A/N: All Characters Are 28+ ~
    This wasn't a woman.
    This was an angel.
    From the fluid movements of crossing her legs so her dress rolled up slightly to reveal the immaculately smooth skin of her thighs, to the delicate way her nimble fingers curled around a pristine wine glass seemed as elegant as a seraph. The way her lip gloss shimmered in the chandeliers faint glow and the way her hair cascaded down to flawlessly frame her face gave him the sensation of someone squeezing his lungs in their fists. He stared in utter awe, time appearing to slow as a smile adorned her lips and a cherub laugh escaped her esophagus, giggles mimicking the sound of church bells ringing. Her eyes glittered with elation as she reached over and laced her fingers with her husband, giving his hand a tight squeeze.
    And all he could do was watch helplessly as she gazed adoringly at a man who wasn't him.
    A fake expression of joy pl
:icongreystream:Greystream 44 28
Friendzoned (Law x Reader) Pt. 1
That day the letter arrived was both, the day he had awaited for years in anticipation, and his worst nightmare. He had wished for it dearly, thought about it every day. But not under these circumstances.
His crew had been astonished to observe Laws different reactions to one letter. At first, he had been obviously happy. He had ripped open the envelope with hurried movements, smiling in glee like a child that just got his much awaited birthday gift.
But while reading, dread had filled his eyes, his whole stance changed and he suddenly got pale. Bepo went up to his side, aided him and gently helped the black haired captain to sit down. The rest was speechless, and stopped doing whatever they had been doing before.
Law took some deep breaths, a hand over his mouth as he stared at the black letters. For a minute he didn't do anything else and his best friend, the bipedal polar bear, grew nervous and stiff. The change in Laws eyes was noticeable. His demeanour changed into despair, haste,
:iconakazuizuya:AkazuIzuya 33 6
Becoming a Pokemon Master | Red x Reader
    The day Professor Oak chose you as one of the three children to receive a Pokemon was when your eyes were truly opened to the world of Pokemon. As Red and Blue who were undoubtedly far more outgoing than you immediately chose the Pokemon they liked the most, you were left with Bulbasaur, the seed Pokemon. You had no room to complain, though. Just the fact that you had your very own Pokemon was enough.
    Before the three of you could rush out to begin your long anticipated journey, a conversation couldn’t be helped. Although it didn’t seem like it between Red and Blue, you were all close friends. After all, you all did grow up together. But close friends or not, that title would have to be pushed aside. Starting that day, none of you would consider yourself friends. No, you all were rivals.
    “Today’s the day where I finally start my journey of becoming the
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 32 11
kankuro X reader - a different kind of strings
When you entered the party-space most of the guests had already arrived with the last few filtering in behind you, not that you had a chance to notice - Ino had already hooked her arm around yours & begun to make her way round the room greeting everyone, taking you along with her. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits which only grew with every greeting.
Hinata and shino seemed to have both taken on the role of ‘wallflower’, but seemed to be enjoying a rather quiet conversation. Gai had already challenged Kakashi to half the party games & they were currently arm wrestling to decide which game to start with while Iruka was on the sofa deep in conversation with Shizune (both sniggering at kakashi's pleading 'somebody distract him so I get a break' face) & lee was trying to explain the youthfulness of the rivalry to Sai as Neji sighed & tried to make it clear that the two jonins' situation was unique & not to start challenging everyone to everything.
Choji & kotetsu were hold
:iconapple-cherry-18:apple-cherry-18 32 5
The Vanity Mirror (Kankuro x Reader)
Today was a really big day! It was the day you had been anticipating for months now—a soon-to-be-annual festival in which Konoha and Suna got together and shared crafts, love, knowledge, and training. This festival was the inaugural event to what would soon hopefully become tradition.
For you, it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about a village you had always been enamored with. As a Konoha native, you had grown up hearing about the Village Hidden in the Sand. From merchants’ tales, to tales from the foot soldiers stopping in the Leaf after traversing the desert, you had heard a fine amount about the exotic extravagance of the village. It more than piqued your interest to hear about the spice vendors and merchants toting carpets and tapestries. To you, it seemed like a different world.
And now you were going to be able to witness a piece of that world! Festivities were scheduled to start before noon; so you readied yourself rather quickly, tossing on a simple clothing s
:iconacrylicheart:AcrylicHeart 93 32
Father! Kankuro x Mother! Reader - Family
"Mommy! Mommy!"
You closed the oven and looked at the kitchen's entrance, watching as your child ran inside with his arms opened.
He was wearing a black hoodie with pointy ears and black pants. And his face was all painted with war paint. You chuckled and kneeled, receiving his hug.
"Have you been playing with daddy?"
"Yes! And Hokage uncle came to visit, he gave me a present, do you want to see it, mommy?"
You frowned and looked at your baby boy.
"Naruto's here?"
He nodded and grabbed your hand, pulling you to the door. You followed him, hearing men laughing outside. Gaara, Naruto and your husband, Kankurō were talking, while Boruto and Himawari played around them.
You smiled and walked to them.
"Boruto! Himawari!" You called, opening your arms when they saw you and ran to you.
Himawari gave you a bear hug as she could, with her tiny hands and Boruto just smiled at you, waiting for his turn.
"You look so cute, Boruto! You're all grown up, already."
Naruto saw you and walked in yo
:iconsayitwithwords:sayitwithwords 122 57
Mature content
Shouto Todoroki - Markings [MATURE] :iconmisscupcakequeenn:Misscupcakequeenn 25 6
Orange spectacles by rossdraws Orange spectacles :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 7,478 123
She's Not Afraid... (1/7) {College!AU}
Of All The Attention

Kageyama x F!Reader
    Cool air kissed Kageyama’s skin as the sun set further into the horizon and the sky’s pastels fading into black. Practice had gone longer than normal and he hadn’t found the time to inform his housemother that he would be out late. Looking down at his phone, Kageyama chewed on his lip. He should’ve done so when they had been given a break. Behind him, he could still hear the happy banter of his teammates. Hinata’s voice was an energetic shrill as he and Nishinoya spoke about the new tactic they had learned, with Tanaka chiming in and adding to the noise. Their captain could only let out a sigh at the rowdy bunch of underclassmen.
As they neared the front of their campus, Kageyama noticed a small crowd huddled around a tree. It was nearing nine and he wondered why so many students were still
:iconjustemmm:JustEmmm 21 7
Ceremonial by wlop Ceremonial :iconwlop:wlop 11,002 253
atramento - tachibana makoto x reader
(soulmate!au ; you have your soulmate’s first words on your wrist)
You had to admit. The older you got, the less and less the tattoo that was dyed into your wrist meant. And to believe that on your fifteenth birthday you were so excited to finally wake up and see the words that were going to appear on your wrist that you couldn’t sleep the night before.
‘I’m so sorry, he loves water.’ That was what you had arisen to in the morning. Although you had to admit, it could be worse. Much worse. Your friend Azusa, who has yet to find her soul mate has ‘I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.’ tattooed onto her wrist. When she found out she has to live with that for the rest of her life she nearly had a heart attack.
All of your other friends had already found their soul mates, and some were even married after finding their own. You could say you used to be discouraged by your lack of success but now you’re just ra
:iconhemz4:hemz4 31 5
Kasamatsu Yukio x Reader (I promise)
Eight months
Hospitals were a stifling environment, no matter what color they painted the wall, pictures they hung, bright colored scrubs the nurses wore, or windows opened wide to stare out into the world, there was nothing welcoming or enjoyable about them. The constant beeping of various machines echoed throughout the multiple rooms on the floor, the numbers fluctuating on them giving off a comforting sense to those who understood what they meant and confusion to those who didn’t. Most of those who did understand being the staff, the meals were strictly healthy foods, no spices for fear of raising one’s sodium level intake or heaven for bid allow them to enjoy their food. Being monitored 24/7 kept one on edge feeling that if you stepped out of line someone would swoop in and scold you for attempting to pee.
You would think at least a hospital could do, would be to buy sheets and pillows that are more comfortable. If only the owner of the hospital took the time to lie dow
:iconsweetjeans:sweetjeans 13 2
Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader :Heat: SPECIAL (2/12)
Poor (Y/N).
He’d only been gone a couple of minutes and he returns to this red-faced, very burned mess of a girlfriend. Searching through the bag for the tube of sunscreen and finally breaking it free from its plastic captor, he hands it over to the girl.
He almost laughs when she becomes even more irritated not receiving the relief she’d been promised. Still red-faced and shiny from the ointment, she points to the bag.
“What’s that?”
Handing the bag over to his very uncomfortable lover and seeing her face go from irritated to elated, he feels a smile brush over his face. Pulling one of the frozen treats from the bag for himself he rips open the package and starts chewing away at it.
Kinda reminds him of what his lips taste like after he kisses her.
She swears up and down that no applications have been placed up
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 20 31


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